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Kingston is a beautiful city sitting on the coast where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario. Surrounded by Toronto, Montréal, and Ottawa, Kingston is a great place to settle down for anyone who loves the big city but prefers to reside in a smaller town. Kingston is an incredible hub of history, commerce, entertainment and education. In 2014, Kingston made it into the Intelligent Communities Forum as one of the worlds 7 smartest communities. Kingston is the home to Canada’s most influential band, The Tragically Hip.


Chosen as the first capital of Canada in 1841, Kingston has a rich and interesting military and political history. It was for many years, home to Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald. Kingston has over 26 museums and historic sites. There is history around every corner in Kingston.


Kingston is home to many artists who work in all aspects of the industry. Kingston hosts several festivals during the year, including the Kingston WritersFest, Limestone City Blues Festival, the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Artfest, the Kingston Buskers’ Rendezvous, Kingston Jazz Festival, Reelout Film Festival, Feb Fest and the Wolfe Island Music Festival.


Kingston has two universities, Queen’s University and the Royal Military College of Canada, as well as St. Lawrence College, a community college that offers a wide range of baccalaureate degree programs at its Kingston campus. According to Stats Canada, Kingston has the most PhD holders per capita in all of Canada. Kingston also provides a lot of different secondary school options:


Kingston has a lower cost of living than most large cities in Canada, so a desirable lifestyle is easier achieved and is consider a great place to work and live. Kingston’s economy relies heavily on public sector institutions and establishments. The most important sectors are related to health care, education (Queen’s University, the Royal Military College of Canada, and St. Lawrence College), government (including the military and correctional services), tourism and culture. Manufacturing, and research and development play a smaller role than in the past. The private sector accounts for half of Kingston’s employment.

Parks & Recreation

Kingston has many sports teams and clubs that are easy to join and fun to experience. Along with over 200 parks right in the city and many more in the surrounding area, and Frontenac Provincial Park is only a 20 minute drive north of the city. There’s no end to discovering new things to see and do in Kingston.

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